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Client reviews

" Hendrico is an extremely talented and motivated young man, he loves what he does and is passionate about his trade. I highly recommend his work to anyone who wants quality photos or videos to capture moments that you can cherish forever! The work he has done for me has attracted many clients and has been used worldwide and I can honestly say that it is of a 10 star quality "

- Jacques Jordaan

" Having collaborated closely with Hendrico over the past two years, I can attest to his exceptional skills and professionalism. His commitment to his craft is evident in his consistent delivery of top-notch work. Hendrico's enthusiasm, coupled with his strong communication skills, makes him a pleasure to collaborate with. Hendrico's professionalism and adaptability shine through in his interactions with clients and colleagues alike. He approaches each project with a positive attitude, readily embraces feedback, and contributes effectively to collaborative efforts. In closing, Hendrico Bekker's exceptional videography skills and dedication make him an excellent choice for any project requiring creativity and professionalism. "

- Kobus Louw

" Hendrico, the mastermind behind our epic short story film at Xtreme Outdoor Karting, is a total pro! With a professional, yet friendly vibe, and an eye for detail, he crafted a cinematic masterpiece that left us VERY happy. From start to finish, his organization and communication skills were on point, making the entire process a breeze. Hendrico didn't just meet our expectations, he left them in the dust! If you're ready to take your visuals to the next level, he's your go-to. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with! "

- Zascha Spoerer

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